Consulting By Michelle

Better Preparation Leads To Better Results

Consulting Services for Women Entrepreneurs and Senior Care Professionals

Core Values

Professionalism.Creativity.Integrity. Client Commitment.Accountability.

Behind CBM

"As women we face many challenges in our career paths from making difficult decisions and even some sacrifices. Rather it be deciding on starting a business or trying to elevate ourselves in the position we are already in. I care about the success of your business, or the path you may want to take as a new female entrepreneur or succeeding as a senior care business owner. I also want you to be better organized as planning ahead is one of the keys to being successful. Investing in consultation brings an opportunity for self-growth no matter what stage of your career you're in." 

​Michelle Singleton, MHA, BSW

Founder & CEO of CBM, LLC

What is consulting ?

  1. Providing information and giving guidance to a client

  2. Solving a client’s problems for clarification

  3. Making recommendations for improvements

  4. Assisting with implementation of recommended solutions (e.g how to, when to & so forth)

  5. Creating a corrective and preventive action plan and more

Consulting By Michelle

Results & Solutions

Michelle has over 18 years of experience in the senior care industry. After receiving CBM consulting services you will feel more confident about being prepared for future inspections and the overall organization of your place of business. You need to focus more on who you serve and attracting more clients!

Women Entrepreneurs (non-healthcare related) will become more motivated to increase thier brand presence and not feel like entrepreneurship is a race. Seeing things from another perspective is apart of having a growth mindset. Consulting By Michelle assists in those areas!

Client Testimonials

Lauren Bennnet

“I had the pleasure of working with Ms. Michelle as I embarked on launching my new marketing business. With her deep understanding of the industry, coupled with her ability to tailor solutions to my specific needs, and providing me with actionable insights has gotten my business off to a strong start. I wholeheartedly recommend Ms. Michelle to anyone seeking expert guidance in their entrepreneurial journey. Thank you for everything!”

Irene Vigo

“As a healthcare professional myself, with over two decades of experience, I am so impressed with the dedication and commitment Michelle offers. She has a genuine desire to help others succeed and not only meet expectations but exceed them. Michelle understands, in-depth not only the technical requirements deemed necessary for compliance, but most importantly the needs of her clients.”

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