Women In Leadership Roles

Women In Leadership Roles

It's time to cultivate your own presence as a woman in a leadership role. Rather you're already in a leadership role or considering it; it is never too late to work on being more comfortable in your role, from the way you speak, to how you present yourself, etc. 

Below are the 3 C's women can navigate through in a leadership role:

1. Competence: It's more than just having the title or wanting to be in a leadership position, it's about being competent within the role. Just don't carry the role KNOW the role. Be the expertise in it. Showing others that you deserved the spot really comes from being knowledgeable and experienced to get the task done and perform effectively. 

2. Confidence: Women are given clues from others in the workplace that they aren't good enough to be in the position they are in. It's actually common but definitely unacceptable. Being comfortable in your own skin from your outer appearance to even how you feel internally about yourself is key because others will take notice to it very quickly. Know what you're talking about when discussing a topic or issue.

3.  Communication:  Everyone has their own style of communication. But how you say something and what you say brings credibility to your role as a woman in leadership. Evaluate how you speak to your team, when talking to customers or even pitching to investors. And most importantly consistency is key because let's be truthful...EVERY SITUATION involving communication may be different; know your role know your place. 


Consulting By Michelle, Founder & CEO

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