The Power of Networking

The Power of Networking

Happy New Month! It really doesn’t matter what business or industry you’re working in; the power of networking can be very rewarding. Some of us struggle with networking because we think when meeting new people they’ll steal our ideas, let us down if we try to collab or maybe some of us are just introverts and hate the one on one interactions. Whatever your reasoning maybe here are a few ways networking can be beneficial:


  1. Access to Valuable Information: Helps you gain valuable information on the latest news in your industry. Maybe you’re using out dated tools and resources. Gaining new updated information can help you better succeed.

  2. New relationships can form: Others will be able to see your business from your lenses but on a personal level because you’re able to explain it in person. Creating new relationships increases your chances of your business being referred to others.

  3. Improves Visibility: Attending networking events is basically considered “easy marketing”. The more exposure and interaction with others the better which in return can increase brand awareness, clients, customers, etc.

  4. Personal and Professional growth: Networking can be a valuable learning experience, as individuals can connect with others who have different perspectives and experiences. Be open minded and willing to listen. Be in a room with others smarter than you! Don’t ever think you know it all! 


In conclusion, don’t give up on improving or developing networking skills. For me, it’s an ongoing process because let’s face it no one really wants to talk to people everyday unless you’re a big extrovert! But it’s ok to not master the power of networking! Everyday is a new day to grow and get better at this skill! Happy New Month of Networking!



Consulting By Michelle, Founder & CEO

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